This page has been organised into the following categories: 

  • DMU: Diesel Multiple Units
  • Pantograph EMUs: EMUs that use an overhead power supply.
  • 3rd Rail EMUs: EMUs that use a third rail power supply.
  • Rolling Stock: Such stock as wagons and carriages.
  • Rapid Transit: London Underground Stock and Trams.
  • Dependencies: Dependencies commonly found missing on WENs content.

Notice: The Content on this page was created by wessex_electric_nutter, in varying states of completion, some but not all of the content is error checked, but due to the work in progress nature of the content, some errors are inevitable. All the content has been tested in TS10 in compatibility mode. If I have missed any dependencies, contact me on my email address [email protected](dot)com. 

All the content is hosted on Mediafire. 


Diesel Multiple Units

RB002 Railbus Refurbished NSE

The CDP pack should contain: RB002 RailbusNSE and RB002 refurbished bogie.

Class 117 TSL

This is WENs original Class 117 TSL, not TMZ06003s version. 

Class 141 (Liveries and Blinds V2)

When downloaded it automatically updates the Class 141 Liveries and blinds asset to include the following liveries: Arriva Trains Northern, Arriva Trains Wales, BR Blue & Grey, BR Mint & Cream, BR Green, First Great Western, Loadhaul, Network Southeast, Northern Spirit, Regional Railways, Silverlink, Southern, South West Trains, West Yorkshire PTE. 

Class 150

Dependencies: BT13 Bogie Plain Download

These are WEN's original Class 150s, in Regional Railways, South West Trains and Northern Spirit liveries. They have been error checked and should be free of any serious errors, I do know about the missing shadow fault which I hope to rectify soon. 

Class 151

The CDP pack should contain the following assets: BR Class 151 DMSL Refurbished, BR Class 151 DMSO, BR Class 151 DMSO Refurbished, BR Class 151 MSO, Class 151 Gangway, Class 151 Non Powered Bogie, Class 151 Non Powered Bogie (MSO), Class 151 Powered Bogie. 

Pantograph EMU's

Electric Multiple Units powered from overhead wires.

Class 302


Class 307 Motor Bogie

The CDP pack should contain the following assets: BR Class 302 DTSO NSE, BR Class 302 PMBSO NSE, BR Class 302 TSL NSE, BR Class 302 DTCL, B4 Friction Dampening Bogie

Class 317 


BT13 Bogie Plain

Class 377 Horn 

WENs original Class 317

3rd Rail EMU's

Electric Multiple Units powered from a third rail. 

Class 415 & 416

Class 455

SWT & Southern Class 455 (Nexusdj Reskin)


BT13 Bogies With Traction Motors Download

BT13 Bogies with Steps and Shoes Download

BT13 Bogies For Trailers Download 

BT13 Bogie Plain

These were Reskinned by Nexusdj, my thanks to to him for allowing me to upload his reskins onto here. 

Class 470

Class 475 MK1

Class 475 MK2

Class 476

Class 477

Class 477 Reskins

All the Dependencies can be downloaded from the Class 477 section above. 

Please note, despite the First Class 477 having my Kuid number of 393563, the skin and mesh were in fact created by wessex_electric_nutter. The orignal First Class 477 had some serious errors so I transferred the skin onto a cloned Class 477 without errors.

Class 479 Pack

Pack contains: Class 479 SxR Rad, Class 479 SxR, Class 479 Silverlink,, Class 479 Pepsi promotional livery, Class 479 NSE, Class 479 Coca Cola Promotional Livery, Dellner Coupling, Class 377 Horn, BT13 Bogie Shoes, Brecknell Willis High Speed Pantograph.

Class 502 BR Blue

Class 502 Southern

Rolling Stock

Non powered stock such as wagons and carriages.

BR Suburban 64ft Mk1

Dependencies: MK3-Bogie Download 

LCDR Third Coach

The CDP Pack Should Contain: LCDR Third Coach 6369, Wheels. 

Based on the coaches used on the Isle of Wight Railway. 

SR Milkvan

Dependencies: Wheels

A typical milk truck, used by various railway companies. This one is dressed up in the colour belonging to the Southern Railway.

Rapid Transit

London Underground Stock and Trams

1900 4 Axle German Tram


German Tram Coupling Download

German Tram Bogie Download 

Freelance Tram 

London Transport Freelance Tram (Reskin)


German Tram Coupling Download

German Tram Bogie Download

My reskin of WENs 1900 4 axle German Tram into London Transport LT livery. 

LUL C69/77 Stock

CDP Pack contains: LUL C69/77 Driving Motor, LUL C69/77 Refurbished Trailer, Bogie

Westinghouse C100 People Mover


Extra dependencies commonly found missing on Wessex Electric Nutters content.

Class 477 Cab V2 Kuid 30051:100161

Class 477 Cab V2, as used in Mightyena's and class172's Class 477 reskins.  

Dellner Coupling v2

Dellner coupling with the mesh updated from PM to IM. 

Early Gresley Bogie Dependency

Bogie dependency for Class 308 and Class 305 on the DLS.