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  • Routes: Routes made for TS12 & TANE
  • Older Routes: Routes made for pre-TS12 versions of Trainz


Routes compatible TS12 & TANE, Note: these cannot be downloaded for older trainz versions

Central London Line

Description: Set in the Summer of 2011, before London Bridge Station roof had been torn down and the Shard skyscraper completed. The route runs from Finchley Road to London Bridge on some subsurface and elevated sections of track. 

Years Represented: Summer 2011

Route Length: 7 miles

Route Type: Commuter Line

Fictonal/Non Fictional: Semi Fictional

Kuid Number: 393563:100060

Date Released: 20th March 2015

Suitable for TS12 SP1

Central London Line Sessions

After Lunch Download Session

Sunday Engineering Download Session 

Rush Hour Reversal Download Session

MLV Movement Download Session

Finchley Road Shuffle Download Session *New

West London Suburbs (Unfinished)

Description: I'm releasing a route of mine that I was working on a while back but never finished because I ran out of ideas for it, but it seemed like too good a route to be forever condemned to rot in an external hard drive so I'm offering it to the trainz community, who are welcome to use it as a source of inspiration, extend or incorporate it into existing routes.  

Set somewhere in the suburbs of West London, based on the Acton, Putney area with a very large degree of artistic licence thrown in; for a route only a few miles long it has a surprisingly large amount of operating potential.

Years Represented: Early Privatisation Era

Route Type: Suburban Line

Fiction/Non Fictional: Semi Fictional

Date Released: 09/01/13 

Suitable for TS12 only

Older Routes

Routes made for Pre-TS12 versions of Trainz, Please note these won't have been tested in TS12 and TANE.

Coley Branch

Description: Coley Branch was opened in 1908 to ease congestion in Readings goods yards, It ran from Southcote Junction to Reading Central Goods depot. In the 1920s the yard reached its zenith, then the war years then followed where it was also heavily used, in the 1950s and 60s the amount of goods using the depot declined sharply until it was only used for storing engineering equipment and then closed in 1981

Years Represented: Summer 1963

Route Length: 2 miles

Route Type: Goods Branch

Fictonal/Non Fictional: Non Fictional

Kuid Number: 393563:1259

Date Released: 8th March 2011

Suitable for TS10 and TS12

CPRRA (Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway Association)

Description: The Chinnor and Princes Risbrough was opened to the public in 1993 and is increasing in popularity. This quaint branch runs through some very beautiful scenery of the chilterns from the Village of Chinnor to Thame Junction. Chinnor and Princes Risbrough railway are currently working on extending to Princes Risbrough.

Years Represented: Late Spring/ Early Summer 2006

Route Length: 3.5 miles

Route Type: Preserved Railway

Fictional/Non Fictional: Non Fictional

Kuid Number: 393563:1469

Date Released: 15th November 2009 

Suitable for TRS06 (I havnt tried this route on any newer trainz versions, so do so at your own risk)

CPRRA Sessions

First Train of the day: Download Session

2.30 Service Download Session

Hayling Island Railway Association 

Description: This route is a modification of Angelahs original work, its what the Hayling Island branch would have looked like if the preservation proposals for it actually became true.

Years Represented: Summer 2010

Route Length: 2 miles

Route Type: Preserved Railway

Fiction/Non Fictional: Semi Fictional

Kuid Number: 393563:1257

Date Released: 27th September 2011

Suitable for TS10 and 12.

Hayling Island Sessions