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BR Large Logo Class 73

What could very well be my last Class 73 project release. As I no longer have the time to continue with as many trainz projects due to work. The large logo livery suits the boxy profile of these locomotives well, it was first applied in the early 80s and lasted until the early 90s when the locos were painted into sectorisation liveries. 

These can be found in Rolling Stock, Locomotives and rolling stock

Finchley Road Shuffle Session

You are to drive an 8 Car Class 319 on the Finchley Road to Sevenoaks service as far as London Bridge. This is one of a number of services which start at Finchley Road, due to pathing constraints on the Chiltern Mainline. You will start at Finchley Road reversal siding before loading passengers at Finchley Road Station, where you will make you way to London Bridge, during the tail end of the morning peak hour.

This can be found in 'Routes and Sessions' in the Central London Line Section

NSE Class 319

This model represents the first batch of 60 units, introduced in 1987- 88 in original 'as built condition'. These became known as Class 319/0s when the second batch of 20 Class 319 units were introduced. 
The Class 319/0s lasted in original NSE condition until 1997 - 1998 until they were refurbished and repainted by Thameslink and Connex Southcentral.

These can be found on either the Third Rail or Pantograph EMU pages. 

News & Blog

10/03/2016 - Central London Line Update Released:

I've released an update to CLL to make it compatible with TANE as well as some extensive scenery improvements, download it here. Alternatively it should turn up in the Updates section in Trainz.

Please note, due to modifications to the point work at Waterloo East Station, some of sessions may require you to switch the points automatically. This issue will be fixed in further updates to the sessions in due course. 

The Updates Include:

  • Extensive remodelling of Euston Square Station and Great Portland Street cutting

  •  Scenery adjustments to Holborn, Baker Street and Finchley Road stations
    •  Changing the route environment colours, to a more realistic muted setting.
    •  Floating Tunnel portal problem in TANE solved by moving tunnel dig holes further back. 
    • Trackwork adjusted at Waterloo East so the switches now switch the correct way rather than opposite way to indicator arrow. 
    • Removing any missing kuids and content not compatible with TANE.

    08/01/2016 - Central London Line planned Update and Class 319 in development. 

    I'm currently working on an update for the Central London Line so it can function in TANE correctly and I'm making some changes to the scenery. 

    I was not satisfied with a lot of the retaining walls used on the route as I think they look rather archaic, so after commenting about the lack of decent high retaining walls in Trainz, Mason Taylor very kindly made me some new walls which have transformed the look of the route. I'm also remodelling most of the subsurface stations on the route, most drastically is the remodelling I've done to Euston Square Station (Illustrated on the Right), to make it look closer to the real thing. 

    They're are some other changes I'm planning such as more rolling stock for the route, like a new Class 319 and possibly a Class 376 and adding night lighting to a lot of the buildings to improve the look of the route during night time. 

    The Class 319 is currently in development, still requires a lot of work but at least it now exists in Trainz. I'm planning on creating all the subclasses, starting with the 319/4s, but I will eventually cover the 319/3s, /2s /1s and /0s. The 319 will have animated passenger doors, passenger and cab interiors and use Eldavos Lightup and Numberit Scripts.